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Over 50 Years of Innovation

Patented Bulk-welding Process:

  • Developed and patented by company founder Roman F. Arnoldy in 1961.
  • Continuously developed and improved over the years.

Triten Alloy Products Group in 5 points:

    • Pioneer of abrasion resistant alloys
    • Inventor of the bulk welding overlay process
    • Major international manufacturer and fabricator of wear resistant steel plate
    • Designer and manufacturer of welding consumables for the repair and joining of wear resistant materials
    • Patented protection for industrial materials

Triten Alloy Products Group delivers the world’s most advanced solution for abrasion and corrosion control in industrial applications.

We are a worldwide supplier of hardfaced plate and a leading manufacturer of industrial materials that resist wear, corrosion and impact. We integrate core capabilities of weld overlay for both abrasion/wear and specialized weld overlay for corrosion.

Even after 60 years of industry leadership, we’re still striving to improve our quality, upgrade customer service and make our processes more efficient. Count on Triten APG to be there with the innovative materials and processes to help your business reduce operating costs and increase productivity.

Triten Alloy Products Group is one of the world’s largest applicators of hardfaced plate and a leading manufacturer of industrial materials that resist abrasion, corrosion and impact. Those materials include overlay plate, hardfaced rolls and tubular hardfacing electrodes.

With engineering, production and manufacturing centers in the United States and the United Kingdom, Triten APG serves customers across the globe in petrochemicals, oil refining, industrial manufacturing, food processing, mining, metals recycling and other industries.

We use a wide range of customizable fabrication processes to meet customers’ needs for mission-critical materials that help increase profit and productivity. Our products are available in all industrial markets worldwide and are supported locally through a network of approved partners and distributors.

Its engineering centres in the US and UK provide a comprehensive service for the fabrication of overlay plate, the application of wear resistance alloys using a range of techniques and the repair and refurbishment of worn sections of plant.

In 1946, Roman F. Arnoldy founded the company as a remanufacturer of pump parts for the oil industry. As it grew, the company gradually expanded into areas of general welding and machining with emphasis on alloy steels. The founding name of the company was the Texas Alloy Products Company ("TAPCO"). The demand for an improvement in the welded hardfacing that was used to resurface working parts led Mr. Arnoldy in 1961, following considerable R&D, to introduce the then new, patented process for hardfacing called Bulkwelding. This established the company as a market innovator and leader in welded chrome/iron hardfacings.

The development and application of sophisticated wear resistant alloys has been at the core of Triten's business for over fifty years.
During the 1950's, this business grew rapidly through the manufacture of abrasion resistant pipe and the refurbishment of slide valves for the petrochemical industry.


Such growth prompted a drive to find yet more efficient methods of applying wear protection and this research was spearheaded by the Company's founder, Roman F Arnoldy. This work led to the development in 1961 of the patented bulk welding process, which has been continuously developed and improved over the years and still provides the basis for the commercial production of Triten's wear resistant overlay steel plate.
From its beginning in Houston, Texas, Triten has expanded its wear resistant products business worldwide through both organic growth and the acquisition of companies such as Trimay , Vidaplate (UK) and Capitan. Today, these activities make up Triten's Alloy Products Group. With manufacturing and sales centers in the USA, UK, Australia and Canada and representation in all major industrial markets, the Alloy Products Group of Triten is now the world's largest applicator of hardfacing and a major international force in the production and fabrication of wear resistant materials.

When you specify Triten Bulkwelding, you're getting the one-and-only "original"

During the 1950's, our company was in the business of manufacturing abrasion resistant piping and in rebuilding slide valves. The valve technology of the times was placing extreme demands on the working parts, especially those used in the petroleum refining industry. High temperature solid catalyst was moving at greater and greater velocities, causing abrasion damage to hydrocarbon processing units.

We believed there was an opportunity to improve the welded hardfacing that was used to resurface these units. The old hardfacing was expensive, time-consuming to apply, and wearing out more quickly than desired.
This led to an extensive R&D effort spearheaded by founder, Roman F. Arnoldy The end result was a totally new and original, patented process for hardfacing named Bulkwelding, introduced in 1961.

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It was cost-efficient, extremely hard, and longer wearing. Even today, we continue to lead in Bulkwelding applications, with over 14 U.S. and foreign patents or patents pending on processes, equipment and products that utilize this technology.

The advantages of Bulkwelding brought a reputation for innovation to our firm, the Texas Alloy Products Company (TAPCO). This unique process now made it possible for us to produce hardfaced plate, pipe and fabricated systems in quantity.

Demand for these products was high, and that led us to establish a brand new division in 1975, Overlay Product Systems (OPS).

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Currently, both OPS and TAPCO operate under the Triten Corporation banner. And our position as a supplier of overlays has not changed, over the years. We are still the innovator, the leader, and provide the industry standard by which all overlays are measured.

How Bulkwelding produces a wear-resistance second to none.

We pioneered the overlay process known as Bulkwelding. Today it remains the most resistant cladding commercially available for abrasion and impact problems, and produces the highest abrasion resistance per dollar of expense for virtually any application.

The process capitalizes upon the addition of a controlled amount of Bulkwelding powder—composed of metal alloys—to an automatic welding system. In the Bulkwelding diagram, you can see that there is a base metal of carbon steel, and that the overlay is welded to the base. The welding mechanism feeds a granulated Bulkweld powder to the work piece just ahead of the welding electrode.

The particular chemistry of the resulting weld is governed by which types of alloys are used in the Bulkweld powder, and by how they combine with the electrode, as well as with the diluted base material.

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In addition to laying down a highly wear-resistant cladding, there are many advantages to the Bulkwelding process, itself.
Bulkwelding substantially increases the deposition rates of weld metal over those obtainable with normal single wire operation, but with no increase in welding current, dilution or heat input. This enables us to provide a more competitively-priced product to our customers.

Another economy stems from there being less distortion in Bulkwelding, because of lower heat input. So there is less re-working of the piece, after Bulkwelding.

And, where ordinary submerged arc welding produces large carbides in the microstructure, in Bulkwelding, the carbides are smaller and finer, allowing them to be more densely packed. Ultimately, this particular quality gives a Bulkwelded product its extremely high abrasion resistance.

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