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Roman F. Arnoldy

This guide is an extract from the “Handbook For The Evaluation And Selection of Hardfaced Plate” written by Roman F. Arnoldy, first published in 1993.

About the Author

The author is Chairman of Triten Corporation, a company which he founded in 1946 as TAPCO. Arnoldy was a research engineer with Union Carbide, specializing in welding technology for overlay cladding for abrasion and corrosion. He developed and  patented the BULKWELDING Process in 1960, a process which allowed the very efficient production of weld overlays directly from raw materials while controlling and minimizing dilution from base material.

Roman Arnoldy is generally credited with having developed both the means and the product for low-cost, large-area hardfacing. He is, or has been, the owner of 25 patents referring to weld overlay processes, materials, and abrasion resistant product. He invented hardfaced plate in 1965 for which he was given The University of Minnesota Outstanding Achievement Award in 1983 and Inventor of the Year Award of the Houston Intellectual Property Law Association in 1986.

Today, under his chairmanship, the Triten Alloy Product Group continues his ground-breaking work in the development of more effective and less costly answers to bulk abrasion problems.”

Developing and applying sophisticated wear-resistant alloys has been the core of Triten Alloy Products Group’s business for over 60 years.

We began in the 1950s by manufacturing abrasion-resistant pipe and refurbishing slide valves for the petrochemical industry. In 1961, founder Roman Arnoldy invented the Bulkweld process. This paved the way for a more efficient and less costly means of applying wear protection to pipes, valves, rolls and other metal components that are subjected to rigorous wear. This process has been continuously improved over the years, and provides the foundation of our wear-resistant overlay steel plate.

In 1965, Mr. Arnoldy used the patented Bulkweld process to manufacture hardfaced plate, and the company began to produce it commercially. Using the Bulkweld process, hardfaced plate was manufactured nearly three times faster than it could be using conventional welding. This gave our customers a competitive advantage both in quality and quantity of finished materials.

Since succeeding his father in 1989, John Arnoldy has kept the company on a path of innovation. That path includes investments in platemaking and engineering companies in the United Kingdom and construction of a 50,000-square-foot facility in South Yorkshire, England, to serve customers in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Today, Houston-based Triten APG is among the world leaders in helping companies protect industrial materials from abrasion, corrosion and impact. We have manufacturing and distribution in Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States. We sell and market products and services directly and through agents and representatives in 50 countries worldwide.
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