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The professional Weld Overlay Specialists

CAPITAN is an international organization that has developed a patented weld overlay system that provides all the benefits of corrosion resistant alloys while producing excellent savings compared to solid alloy components. The Company has built a reputation for excellence in fabrication using exotic materials, especially in the unique internal weld overlays of pipe, fittings, valves, fabricated piping spools and pressure vessels.

CAPITAN offers the finest in custom made product, using up-to-date HIGH TECH EXPERTISE in all areas of welding automation and mechanization. Our advanced technologies and high productivity allows CAPITAN to produce the entire range of weld overlays on any kind of base materials in the shortest turn around time.

Whatever the application or the materials requirement, CAPITAN can custom fabricate and overlay any type of equipment, complying with the various international codes and standards. The Company holds the following prestigious QUALIFICATIONS:

  • U, ASME Section VIII, Division 1
  • U-2, ASME Section VIII, Division 2
  • ISO-9002, Quality Management System
  • Association Pour La Qualite Des Appareils A Pression (AQUAP)
  • Alberta Boilers Branch, Quality Control Certificate
  • Alberta Boilers Branch, Pressure Welder Qualification Certificate
  • DIN and TUV for German codes
  • CODAP for French codes

CAPITAN`s products are very unique and emerge from our PATENED WELD OVERLAY TECHNOLOGY:

  • MOSQUITO SAW SYSTEM™ for overlaying small pipe internals
  • ELCAPITAN SYSTEM™ for overlaying 90 ◦and 45◦ elbows

Capitan began as a local area, Alberta company, but today it exports its production to users all over the world.
CAPITAN`S solid commitment to high performance and top quality products will provide your firm with the best welding technology and solutions for any kind of welding needs.
40-127 Katowice, Plac Grunwaldzki 4/13, tel. +48 (32) 247-44-87, fax. +48 (32) 78-22-660, e-mail: biuro@all-stal.pl